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CMM workshop moved under its own hard won roof in 2013. Thank you for Your support!


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Latest miniatures:



Barbarian Warrior 1


Hellsnake Demon





Female Northern Champion





 Half Troll 2






 Female Rogue 1





 Sorceress 2











 Vampire Countess  











 Rotting Revenant 











 Wolf pack











 Necromant 1











 Sorceress 1



Commission sculpting



Rules are simple. Money upfront. You will provide your own concept. We will sculpt your piece. Jan will make mastermould, cast it from pewter and sent you durable first generation master casting. Or more - whatever size of batch you need.

It takes days and even weeks of rather difficult handcraft. The price of 28mm Heroic sculpt ranges from 150 for simple pieces like zombies and animals to 300 and more for difficult detailed pieces we do these days.

Since the miniature line we are selling here as our showcase is work almost twenty years old, for the better picture of our craft please check collectible pieces we made for collectors all over the globe. 

2016 commisions done so far -  WIP of XYZ, 31 milimeters to the head

ZXY WIP of Bull Terrier,  11mm to the shoulder

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