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CMM workshop moved under its own hard won roof in 2013. Thank you for Your support!


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Barbarian Warrior 1


Hellsnake Demon





Female Northern Champion





 Half Troll 2






 Female Rogue 1





 Sorceress 2











 Vampire Countess  











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 Wolf pack











 Necromant 1











 Sorceress 1



Welcome to CMM website

We are a free association of miniature sculptors focusing on ”28mm/30mm Heroic Scale“ war-gaming and collectable miniatures.


We are exclusive producer of licenced fantasy miniature line of the best selling Czech RPG game - "Draci Doupe" (© Vydavatelstvi Altar, Ostrava ).

We are currently looking for
Retailers abbroad.

If interested in wholesale discount please request full assortment catalogue on our e-mail address: [email protected]


Status and News (March 2016):


CMM Eshop is OPEN as always.

Workshop is now OPEN again for mouldng and casting of your own sculpts.
We are done with backlog and our sculptors are AVAILABLE. You can HIRE us to immortalize you own RPG and Wargaming Characters. 

18th March 2016 -  Release of Barbarrian Warrior 1

An Adventuring Barbarian Marauder. Casted from whitemetal in three bits. Body, hand with axe and shield. Made for our game in 28mm Heroic scale as always.

Author:  Martin Grospietsch 

17th March 2016 - 
Re-Release of and old  lost miniature from our set - The Sorcerer.


Author:  Martin Grospietsch 

Latest big piece: Female Norseman Champion and Hellsnake demon
I am delighted to release our new collectors miniature made in standard 28mm Heroic scale usable as a proxi in few other game systems then DrD+ ( = the RPG our pieces are ususally dedicated and licenced for.)


Authors:  Jan Král, Leli D. 



The complet of barbarian female warrior and her mount was made in duet of two of our three active sculptors few years ago, and was originally ment as CMM show-case piece. However after many requests and years of presure from Slovak VyherneAutomatySK gaming comunity the piece was cut and procesed and from today it is officially available.
The set is 102 mm high, made of 20 bits and its a combination of high detail resin and whitemetal castings with 50mm scenic resin base containg few slots for locks on the belly of tail pieces. The model was not originaly ment for replication a but I did all divisions and rebuild it in a way, that only minimum of aditional staffing and gap filling should be necessary. (But its all still handmade so your piece might be little naughtier then its ment to be) More, cuts are made mostly in parts covered with pieces of carapax, so joints are at least partially hidden in most of cases. Nevertheless the piece was originally sculpted in one piece with maximum emphasis on dynamic pose and dramatic look so the spatial arangement is ...  for 28mm scale at least.. little unusual.  In other words this our mini is not ment for beginers. There is whole lot of more suitable miniatures for newbies on our side. 
Curently there is 94 pieces and original. 24 pieces preordered by mail and personally, 70 more therefore available, and if necessary, I might make one more serie like this. That would make near 200 pieces Limited edition which is  what I was informed 28mm collectors comunity is used to. 






26th February 2013 - Norseman female champion and the demonic mount are finished and ready for shipping. 


22 pieces preordered plus 72 other complete sets manufactured plus I plan one more batch which should make a total of close to 200 pieces Limited Edition eventually.


50 Euro piece. Photos should be uploaded next weekend.


The release got delayed because I was lazy and ordered casting of its resin parts (scenic base + head ) from Slovakia. Bits came nicely done, but few moths later than expected and it totally missed Xmass season. But hey.., I prefere decent quality and good price before quick delivery. Other anounced minis will be released after this piece as fast as my fulltime job alows me. 





26th February 2013 - CMM webpage has ben reloaded from autumn backup and we lost couple of last updates. 




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