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CMM workshop moved under its own hard won roof in 2013. Thank you for Your support!


Shipping and Special offers:


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Latest miniatures:



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 Wolf pack











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 Sorceress 1



Terms of business



1 General terms of use: 



1.1 General terms of use

Offers, deliveries and all kinds of services are subject to the following business and delivery conditions which you accept when registering or trading with us. By registering or trading with us, you agree that the laws of the Czech Republic and the appropriate EU regulations will govern the trade. Any possible dispute for both parts will be resolved exclusively in the courts of the Czech republic.  



If not stated otherwise any contract with us is a contract between the customer and the owner of the e-shop installed on domain custommademinis.com. Contact:



Owner: Martin Grospietsch
Street: Habrová 2639/3
Town: 130 00, Praha 3
Country: Czech Republic



IC (Czech business licence ID):  71616616
Phone: (+420) 775 201 910
Email: [email protected]
WWW: https://www.custommademinis.com/




1.2 Description of Merchandise

IMPORTANT: All products are delivered uncleansed, unpainted and they may need some assembly. Our products are no mass-produced articles, therefore small alterations from description and reproductions might occur. Our products are not toys and due to small pointed components and a content of antimony, copper and lead are not suitable for children under the age of 14. Our products must not be brought to the mouth or swallowed, they are ment for gaming and displaying purposes only.



1.3 Etiquette policy

By registering on this website you agree to act in complience with the law and standard personal and business etiquette whether expressing yourself on CMM forums or trading with us. In case of breach you may face adequate consequences as banning from the website, termination of entered contracts etc.
In full accordance with the law visitors to this website are fully responsible for the content of their pronouncements on the forums. Linking or posting materials of questionable content is off limits - there is no age limit on our website. Posting or spamming advertisements is also prohibited.






2 Privacy policy:



2.1 Privacy policy

Full use of this website is available to registered users only. By the act of registration the user agrees with the terms of use. Consequently the registration provides us with your name, your mailing address and your e-mail or phone number, which we use for customer service only.



All information collected on our site or through our email contact is kept strictly confidential and is managed in accordance with Czech data processing law „c.101/2000 Sb.“ We do not share or sell customers’ data to any third parties. We will never ask you about your credit card numbers or access passwords, including password to your own CMM account. We do not spam announcements or advertisements of any kind. You may ask anytime for removal from the database of registered user on above writen e-mail address.






3 Shipping & Delivery



 3.1 Shipping and Delivery Policies

When trading with us you are trading with the maker therefore all products are always in stock. (only except for some types of resin bases.)



Deliveries are shipped in padded envelopes or parcels. Our carrier is national Czech Mail Service. In present time we deliver to 83 countries via express and economical shipment. It takes normally up to 7 business days for products to be delivered to Europe and up to 2 weeks to USA and other countries. In countries of shipment‘s destinations it is the reputable local postal service that is responsible for delivery. All deliveries are insured, and handed over against a recipient‘s signature on delivery. With the exception of neighbouring countries all packages are shipped by Express Airmail Service.
We cannot guarantee estimated shipping times for those are determined mostly by local carriers. It is solely the carrier who is responsible for any damages due to inapropriate handling.



Shipment can only be carried out after having received the invoiced advanced payment.
Shipment will be dispatched in one week period after the week of receivement of the payment.


The moment package leaves, CMM website will send automatic notification of the dispatche. If no notification arives, the mail was silently removed by antispam filter of your mail-box provider. With automatic e-mails from eastern Europe it happens sometimes, especially in US. If this is the case, just check "previous orders" button on the website. You will see actual status of your order which is always correct. 



3.2 Tariff zones and Postage

The postage is automaticly calculated by CMM website when placing the order. Postage depends up to the sum of weights of idividual products you have ordered. (Not to the sum of products.)


Economical shipping


5 €

Worldwide flatrate




Express shipping
starting from:


14 €



16 €



29 €

 Austria, Bosnia a Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Belarus, Switzerland, Croatia, Latvia, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Netherlands, Slovenia, Ukraine


33 €



36 €

 Albania, Belgium, Cyprus, Denmark, Estonia, Spain, Finland, France, United Kingdom, Greece, Hungary, Irland, Italy, Lithuania, Monaco, Moldova, Myanmar, Mongolia, Norway, Portugal, Romania, Russia, Sweden, San Marino, Turkey


52 €

 Armenia, Azerbaijan, Canada, Djibouti, Ethiopia, Gabon, Ghana, Guinea-Bissau, Israel, India, Iran, Jordan, Kenya, Kuwait, Kazakhstan, Madagascar, Quatar, Rwanda, Chad, Tajikistan, Tunisia, USA, Uzbekistan


58 €

 Bangladesh, Brazil, Bhutan, Botswana, Ecuado, Japan, Lesotho, Marshall Islands, Peru, Paraquay, Salvador


73 €

 Argentina, Australia, Cuba, Maledive Islands, Mozambique, New Zealand, Panama, Papua New, Guinea



ONLY FOR NON-EU CUSTOMERS: we cannot take responsibility for any local duties your customs authorities may require for clearing the goods. We have no control over these charges and cannot predict what they may be. Customs policies vary greatly from country to country, thus they are unpredictable for small sellers like us.
For more information we suggest that you contact your local customs office before ordering.
IMPORTANT: if you deny the delivery of a package due to customs fees, please understand, that you will be fully responsible for our expenses. 






4 Prices & Methods of payment



4.1 Prices

All our prices are VAT free even for our EU customers so far.
Prices can be altered anytime. With the date of the publication of the new price list all former prices are no longer valid. The date of reception of your order is authoritative for the price.



4.2 Payment:

When placing the order successfully, the website will automaticaly generate appropriate instructions for the shipment‘s payment. The copy will be automatically sent to your email (Again, please note that automatic e-mails from Eastern Europe may be silently destroyed by spamfilters of your mail-box server. If this is the case and you need instructions again or to ask something, feel free to ask anything to the proprietor. E-mail: [email protected]



We accept only Euros as currency. Amount of the invoice has to be paid within a period of 14 days after day of placing the order. Orders not properly payed within this period will be cancelled.



Printed invoice is enclosed to every delivery.  



At present time, we offer two methods of payment: Bank Transfer and Paypal



4.3 Bank Transfer:

To pay by bank wire transfer just follow the given instructions and transfer invoiced amount to the following bank account:




Account owner: Martin Grospietsch

Bank:  Sberbank CZ, a.s.

IBAN:  CZ91 6800 000 0030 9000 1579



4.4 PayPal

To pay by Paypal just select proper option in the ordering process. You will be redirected to Paypal site to make an easy and safe payment.
The e-mail address attached to our paypal account is: [email protected]



Security of this method of payment:
By permitting our customers to pay via PayPal systems we avert any need of information related to your credit cards or even your PayPal accounts. PayPal servers are using the Secure Sockets Layer protocol (SSL) with an encryption key length of 128-bits - the highest level commercially available.






5 Returns & Reclamation:



5.1 Reclamation an guarantee:

We offer standart 2 years lenght of guarantee on all products ordered from the day of the receipt of the order. Please note that each order is checked twice before being shipped by the maker. We will be responsible for the shipping costs if we ship the wrong or defective items. In case the reclamation is not legitimate the shipping costs pass to the buyer. You must include written statement of the reasons for the return inside the package. Guarantee does not aply on goods damaged by inapropriate usage. 



5.2 Cancellation / Denying of order:

Amount of the invoice has to be paid within a period of 14 days after placing the order. Order not properly paid within this period is cancelled.


Buyer can cancel any order (telefonicaly or by mail) from the moment of creating the order till the 14th day after delivery. You do not need to state any reason, but you need to state proper identification number of the order in question! (invoice number) In this case, the received payment will be sent back without any unreasonable delay.  


When mailing an order back, please send it back to our return address: Jan Kral, Kněževes 33, 67974 Olešnice, Czech Republic. You may wish to insure your shipment when mailing it. Make sure that the returned items are packed in an appropriate manner. (like original packing) 
On the shipping label please mark clearly Return for replacement when reclamation is the case, or Return for refund if for whatever reason you need to cancel the trade. With reclamation you need to include written statement of the reasons for reclamation inside the box, with canceling the trade you need to include only the original invoice. 



5.3 Breach of contract

We reserve the right to suspend or terminate any agreement if it appears to us.






6 Copyright and Disclaimer


6.1 Copyright

All CMM MINIATURES, ACCESSORIES, ASSOCIATED LOGOS, TEXTS and GRAPHICS IN ALL FORMS are protected by copyright laws, international treaty provisions and other applicable laws. All related copyrights or licences are sole property of the entrepreneur of CMM website Jan Kral.



6.2 Disclaimer:

The information and reference materials contained on this web site are intended solely for the general information of the reader. Information on this web site is provided on an "as is," "as available" basis without absolutely no warranties of any kind. Few cases of display of products of the third parties are ment for general information and convenience of the readers only. Used without permission. No challenge to their status intended. All Rights Reserved to their respective owners.

If you have any problems with the contents of this website, you are welcome to contact the entrepreneur.
Copyright © 2007 by Jan Kral.
THESE TERMS of BUSINESS ARE SUBJECT TO CHANGE. EVERY CHANGE IS ANNOUNCED IN THE CMM - NEWS. The above terms were reviewed on January 01, 2010 and are currently in force.

For all products and content all rights reserved. Copyright © 2007 by Jan Kral.